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Do you dream of an outdoor decking area where you can entertain friends and family in style and with a luxurious amount of space? Maybe you want to replace your old, rotting deck with a beautiful brand new deck to wow your friends and turn your neighbours green with envy? Want to increase the value of your Northern Beaches home with a beautiful timber deck for your pool?

No matter the reason or end design, if you want a quality timber deck to improve the aesthetic appeal and usable living spaces of your home then call the team of experienced and licensed deck builders at Onshore Homes.

Experienced & Reliable Network of Licensed Professionals

Here at Onshore Homes we employ a wide range of specialist tradesmen to perform every possible aspect of you timber decking design and installation process. From draftsmen and architects drawing up your initial designs to landscapers and deck builders putting the finishing varnish on your new deck, everything goes through us, so you can be sure of the quality and consistency of our handiwork.

Benefits of Timber Decking for your Home

Thinking about putting down some new timber decking around your Northern Beaches home but you're not sure if you can justify the expense? Here are a few things a new timber deck can add to your home to help you realise what a great idea a new deck is for your home;

  • Added value to your home- The most important thing that a new timber deck will add to your home is value, for every cent you spend you are also adding a cent to the value of your property.
  • Less maintenance than you might expect- Timber decks look great with little maintenance required, they are a great choice for the time strapped and only require the most minute amount of attention.
  • Increase the amount of usable outdoor space around your home- Timber decks are a great way to extend your home's usable spaces. What better place for a summer barbecue then on your new timber deck?
  • Help make the most of uneven land- Uneven land can mean a waste of potential space on your property; a timber deck is a great way to make use of uneven space.

Contact Onshore Homes for all of your Timber Decking Needs

If you dream of increasing the amount of outdoor usable space of your home while adding value as well as functionality to your property, then give the team at Onshore Homes a call today and find out how we can turn your outdoor decking areas into the envy of your neighbourhood.

While you're it take a look at our projects page and see the fantastic job we did for one of our happy Northern Beaches customers with their timber decking project.

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